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Bob Loux   April 08, 2002 08:36 pm
I'm interested in the ship the LSV-6 SP4 James A. Loux and the person it's named after. Can anyone help? Thank You Bob Loux

Jeannie R. Anderson   February 11, 2002 07:24 pm
Have noticed there are several new sign on that served during my late husbands tour of duty with the 458th and would like to here from any of you who knew SSGT. James H. Anderson. Known to most as SGT. Andy. He was not really assigned to any one spot and moved around alot with Lt. Ed Riley. Would love to here any stories or memories of him.

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leonard bryant   February 02, 2002 01:11 pm
with 458th from june 69-feb 70,cat-lo/vung tau,and quin nhon....nickname..squirrel...

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Pete SELLERS   January 15, 2002 07:46 am
I a unit commander of the 458th. I recently visited the Transportation Corps Museum at Fort Eustis, Virginia. I was (am am) offended that there is virtually nothing about the 458th there. I have felt, and still do, that the Transportation Corps has forgotten about us and the mission that we performed, without expectation! I am actually surprised that we have been ignored or overlooked. The whole of the Transportation Corps are "history hogs" and are constantly seeking credit for what any element of the Corps does, & did. I mean no slur or insult; but my experience with many of the "high rollers" of the Corps supports my belief. As the 458th PBRs were so unique, there has never been, was no other, nor probably will be again a unit like that. Yet, the Corps is complacent to let this "page" of its history go unrecognized. Sometimes I wonder if it is because none of what the 458th did could fall within the range of missions of the infamous 7th Transportation Group, from then until now. Would love to hear from members of the unit. If there is anything that I can do to assist with documenting the record of this unit, please do let me know. I came upon the 458th web site almost by accident. Since "those good old days" are so long ago, I had file-away and buried a lot of details about then. I know that I have (had) pictures, reports, and even some old 8mm movies of the unit, areas, and equipment. Anyone remember the floating pier we built on South Beach? How about the typhoon that was projected to be heading directly for us (If it had hit, the people, unit, and history would not have been)? There's a few stories about missions and people, that I remember and would not even consider placing in an email message. I hope all members of the unit will remember to hold their heads high. We did what we were asked; for the most part, we did what we were asked better and faster than anticipated. We scared the hell out of both friends and the enemy. Frequently, the distinction between friend and enemy was blurred since neither wanted much to do with us.

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Bruce   December 03, 2001 01:44 pm
Trying to locate a Capt Amick mentioned by Jimmy Bryant w/the 485th. Also, on 4 May 68, Ninth Inf, 6/31 was crossing the river in a Whale Boat when one fell over and drowned. Looking for anyone that remembers that day. Thx. Bruce.

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Ed Nelson   September 29, 2001 08:05 pm

2/16/01, 4:14 PM To: Lee Helle (Keeper of the 458 Trans Co. history) I joined the 458 Trans Co. at Ft. Story, Va. in June of 66. We boarded a troop ship in Norfolk in Sept. 66 and sailed to Vietnam (31 days). Our LARC's arrived in Oct. 66. Our company area was at Cam Rahn Bay, however we deployed small detachments up to Na Trang, and down at Phan Thiet. We hauled everything from slot machines to napalm, chickens/hamburger to 155/105 ammo. The LARC V was powered by a 300hp Cummings diesel, and was rated to carry 5 tons. They were slow, but really fun to take out through big surf. We had 50 of them in the company, with 200 drivers, and a maintenance platoon. I and most of the original 458 folks left at the end of our 1 year (Sept 67). One of the replacements, who I became friends with in civilian life 6 years later, told me about the conversion to Boston Whalers. If you have any questions about the early days of the LARC's and the 458 TC, please drop me a line or give me a call. Ed Nelson-559-565-3162 E-mail: edward_e._nelson@nps.gov E-mail: edward_e._nelson@nps.gov

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Kenneth P Petrea   September 29, 2001 08:02 pm
Kenneth P Petrea 2/16/01, 4:17 PM Kenneth P Petrea Sat Oct 16 14:53:46 1999 I served in Viet. in 67- 68 Stationed in Cam Ron Bay. When I was there we were the last of the Lark Company and the boats took over when I left, March 1968. I am seeking fellow comrades that were in our platoon Sea Tigers,458 Trans Company. I was known by my nickname "peaches". I would like to hear from you. I have talked to several that were in our platoon but I would love to hear from more. Web Site: from lost 1999 guestbook E-mail: pennie3p@aol.com

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Lunsford E   September 29, 2001 08:00 pm
copied from old guest book 7/31/01, 5:46 PM great site

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Robert Bogison   September 29, 2001 07:42 pm
Served with the 284th MP Company (Long Binh Jail) from July 6,1969 until December 31, 1969. From January 1, 1970 through April 1970 I was Squad Leader in an Ambush Unit with B Company 720th MP BN. In May 1970 and through July 1970 I was assigned to the PBR Unit of B Company and partnered up with 458 Transportation Personnel patroling the Song Dong Nai River. On August 1, 1970 B Company was disbanded and we were sent to Da Nang to assist the Marines and the Armed Forces Police to perform regular MP duty. I Left Vietnam on 10 September 1970.

Gerald (sandy) sawyer   July 11, 2001 03:51 pm
Good site. I served with Bob Felde in the 1099th Med. bt. co. in 1966. I was in Camp Davies, the delta, vung tau, Vung ro, and qui nhon on tdy for 4 months.Bob, myself, and 3 others met in Greeley col. this past april for a hell of a weekend, after thirty five years. wew intend to do it every year from now on. Hopefully the next one will be in Bimini. Welcome home. Sandy

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Jess DuShane   July 12, 2000 05:45 pm
I just found the site,its pretty good ! I was in Qui Nhon,67/69 and was the second coxswain on PBR J7835,started out as an MP ,when QuiNhon started the PBR outport in 1968.

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steve crandall   March 22, 2000 07:13 am
Nice site,served in Vinh Long 68-69 as pbr suttort and engineer on LCM's, Was on the YRBM 20, the Delta Hilton

Email: crandalls@uncwil.edu

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