According to my records I started the 458th PBR site 15 years ago this fall. I had signed a quest book at the PBR Forces Vet Association, and a navy guy said he had run into a army guy who said he served on a army pbr, luckily he had kept his name and phone number and that is how member #2 (Mike Russell) was found, in turn he had kept in touch with a few guys , they in turn had kept in touch with others. Many of our members showed up through the PBR FVA 

We've came a long way since that day, we're now a legal non-profit organization with 501 c status and on the verge of obtaining the help of a professional web master.

Some of you I'm sure like myself have been wondering what next?

Most of you I know can look back at your life and can find many little roads you took that changed your life forever, if you're like me most of these roads you never even noticed when you took them. Full steam ahead and never look back!

Today we have a small amount of money in the bank, and there has been talk of perhaps granting scholarships or helping someone restore a boat.

I like the idea of scholarships, however I like the idea of combining that with helping disabled war vets and or their decedents. However to be serious about helping people you have to protect your principal, with a yearly interest that equals how much we have in the bank then we could cut a fairly wide path helping our vets and their families.

Today the 458th Sea Tigers stands at a cross road, the road to the right is a straight freeway with no traffic, it runs as far as the eye can see, the kind of road I used to dream about when my 39 merc was only eleven years old.

This nice straight freeway only has one drawback. (it's a dead end with no turn-a-round) how far to the dead-end? maybe 25, max 35 years (a little like the movie "Last Man Standing") five years after the dead-end the 458th Sea Tigers will only be a fleeting memory with a few of our decedents. Any donations or scholarships we might have made would have reduced our bank account to zero long before we reached the end of the road. 

The road to the left is long, narrow, crooked and hilly, more like a goat path than a road.

Where does this hard road go if we have the guts to take it? a place called "The 458th Sea Tigers Foundation" a nonprofit foundation set up the way we would like it. Their are two types of foundations, I suspect we might fit the private type best??



Henry Ford built his first car with pliers, bailing wire and a idea, he didn't understand the word "can't"

The way I look at it we have outstanding elected officers, and they will take you down which ever road you want to take.

Bill Gates has the largest private foundation in the world, well shit I figger this group can match anything Gates can do.

Now being the instigator that I am you ain't heard the last on this subject

If you have any thoughts or ideas feel free to use the guest book or fire off a email to your elected officers

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